Audit Services

If you own a business, the annual audit can sometimes feel like a time-consuming and expensive process that only benefits the statutory authorities. We make sure all your onerous reporting requirements are met as painlessly as possible- keeping banks, creditors, finance providers, and even the inland revenue, happy.

But more than that - we aim to offer you the kind of business advice that could help you to run your company efficiently and cost-effectively.We also offer expert corporate tax planning advice, to make sure you’re as tax-efficient as possible.

There's no such thing as 'just another audit client' at Anupam Parashar & Associates. you're a growing enterprise, and your growth is the focus of our business. So don't be afraid of your audit - use it.

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We provide following Audit Services

Internal Audit Services / Concurrent Audit Services
Management Audit Services
Operations and Efficiency Audit Services
Special Investigative Audit Services
Due Diligence Review
Costing and Accounting System Design and Review
Compilation of final accounts as per accounting standards of US GAAP
Internal Audits

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